Cruise Terminal Makes Masks Optional

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Yesterday, a federal judge voided the mask mandate for public transportation hubs that included airports, airplanes, and other forms of travel.

Within hours of the TSA saying that they would no longer enforce the mask mandate, all major airlines announced that they would make masks optional, effective immediately.

Now the first U.S. cruise terminal has made masks optional. Cruisers will no longer be required to wear a mask when checking in for their cruise at the Port of Boston.

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Cruise Fever has reached out to other cruise ports around the country and will update this article when we hear back.

Masks have been optional for a little over a month on cruise ships sailing from the U.S. for vaccinated travelers. Up until now, cruisers would have to put a mask on to check-in for their cruise, and then they could take it off when they boarded the ship. They would also have to put a mask back on when they passed through the terminal when they disembarked from their cruise.

Also, Lyft and Uber announced today that masks are now optional.

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