Carnival Cruise Line Updates Cruise Ship Health Protocols

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Carnival Cruise Line has updated their cruise ship health protocols regarding vaccines, boosters, and pre-cruise testing.

Boosters (a third shot) will be required on longer cruises (Panama Canal, repositioning sailings etc.). Guests who are booked on one of these cruises where a booster is required will receive an email from Carnival Cruise Line with these requirements.

Boosters are not required for most Carnival cruises, although the cruise line is strongly encouraging guests to acquire the booster shot. Carnival Cruise Line said that if the CDC’s definition of fully vaccinated changes, then their policy will adapt accordingly.

Guests who are up to date with their vaccines may take their test within three days prior to embarkation. Up to date means a person has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccinations, including any booster dose, when eligible.

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If a guest is fully vaccinated but not up to date with their vaccines (i.e., is eligible for a booster but has not received one), they must take their pre-cruise COVID-19 test within two days prior to the cruise.

Guests (either fully vaccinated or not) who have recovered from COVID-19 within three months of their sailing date, do not need the required pre-cruise COVID test before embarkation if they are at least 10 days past their COVID-19 infection, have no symptoms and present documentation of recovery from COVID-19 from their healthcare provider.

Unvaccinated guests age 12 and older cannot go ashore in the ports of call on their own and guests may only debark in the ports of call if booked on a Carnival tour.

Unvaccinated children age 11 and under are not required to purchase a Carnival Cruise Line shore excursion and may go ashore with their vaccinated parents/guardians to enjoy independent sightseeing (see below for specific requirements for certain destinations).

Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, can visit one the private islands without purchasing a tour.

Carnival Cruise Line’s complete health protocols can be found on their website at

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