Carnival Cruise Line To Start Allowing Smoking in the Casino

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Carnival Cruise Line will once again allow passengers to smoke in the casino on their cruise ships beginning with cruises that depart on or after February 14, 2022.

Two months ago, Carnival Cruise Line temporarily banned smoking in the casino due to the Omicron variant. They will once again allow smoking but with a few exceptions.

Only passengers who are actively playing in the casino will be allowed to smoke. Seats at gaming tables and at slot machines are reserved for players only.

Cruisers will be required to wear a mask in the casino unless they are actively smoking or drinking.  The casino bar will be open but will be a no smoking area.

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Smoking will not be allowed during times when the casino is closed or the ship is refueling.

This change will go into effect for cruises that depart on or after February 14, 2022. This update and all of Carnival Cruise Line’s health protocols can be read here.

Carnival Cruise Line is currently sailing vaccinated (guests 12 years and older) cruises to the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico.

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